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Why Installers & Retailers choose PV Connections

  • Quick and Easy Online Ordering
  • Same Day Dispatch, Fast delivery
  • Excellent, Honest and Trustworthy Advice
  • 100% Compliant Solar Products
  • Continuous Inventory Supply
  • Fast & Safe Installations
  • Pay Upfront via Credit Card or 30 Day Accounts to Approved Clients (give us a call)

Step into the future with Solarflex, an exclusive solution by PV Connections.

  • Reduces installation time by up to 20%
  • Fully certified and compliant with all regulations
  • UV Resistant for enhanced durability
  • Pre-wired conduit eliminating the need for manual feeding
  • Available in 30m, 50m & 60m reels to reduce wastage

What the experts say about us

Jamie Woods
Jamie Woods
I recently purchased PV solar spacers from PV Connections. I am yet to use the product yet, but will update my review once tested. But something that has been used from the delivery was the Allen’s Lollies Party-Mix- I can confirm that the lollie bag worked well and hit the spot. Thanks for the sugar hit team!
Matthew Giddins
Matthew Giddins
I've been purchasing solar materials, cable, DC isolators, labels, conduit fittings etc through PV Connections for a number of years now and always found their service to be prompt and deliveries on time. Highly recommended!
De Grasse.E. Noel
De Grasse.E. Noel
Top Quality. Up to date compliance of products. Competitive prices on most items. Bayswater is a bit of a drive for me so I go when I need said items. Like the multi hole glands. They are inadequate at my local suppliers so I pick up a box when I'm in the area. The one thing I don't like is the price of the labels. As I said, they are up to date with ever changing standards but that contributes to pricey custom made labels. Hard to work around I guess.
Joshua Garbutt
Joshua Garbutt
Great products. Great to deal with. Always come to the party and create new products that make life easier for us installers. If you don’t know about these guys yet you have to check them out.
erwin koller
erwin koller
Ordered Monday and received Wednesday. Considering I am in regional NSW that was excellent. Products are always top quality highly recommend this company and always available for assistance.
Nik Whillock
Nik Whillock
Fantastic service and Rick, James and the team are always helpful and quick to answer any of our product related questions. The free lollies in each order help to keep the office girls on our side. I'd give 6 stars if I could 😊
Josh Chilmaid
Josh Chilmaid
Customer service is excellent. They picked up an error in my order that I missed and called straight away. Saved me having to reorder and pay for shipping twice.
Dan Winter
Dan Winter
Friendly and easy to deal with. Although I couldn't purchase online without creating an account, I called and received great prompt service and super fast delivery. As I understand, the guest check out system is intended to be upgraded soon to allow a fast online purchase without needing to register. Great work to the team at PV connections. 👌🏼

Quality-Assured and Compliant Solar PV Accessories

Choose Fast And Safe Installations With Quality Solar Accessories

PV Connections is a leading, trusted supplier of balance-of-system photovoltaic products to Australia’s rapidly growing solar energy industry. We offer the complete range of solar connection products, from isolation and protection to cable and connection solutions, compatible with other brands and designed and tested for Australian conditions & requirements. We only source and supply the very best products, so that you can be confident in the quality and value of your installation. We are constantly searching and sourcing new and innovative products from global markets and offer an extensive, high-quality range of all the in between products your solar install needs, being the go-to experts for retailers, commercial project managers and installers. Selling everything from labels to cable, we are the leading supplier of compliant products, leading the way after changes in the industry. Our fast delivery service can accommodate urgent delivery times Australia wide, so your products arrive on time and in tip top shape for your next install. When it comes to all things BOS, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Explore the PV Connections range of quality innovative BOS Components delivered right to your doorstep.

Discover a tried and tested range of solar installation accessories today, for an accurate and reliable installation.

A Trusted Solar Balance of System Accessories Supplier For All Your Solar Install Needs

Our team is constantly sourcing new and innovative products from global markets to offer an extensive, high-quality range of all the in-between products your solar install needs. So if you’re a retailer, commercial project manager or installer, choose PV Connections as your go-to experts for balance-of-system products and accessories. With an expansive range, including distribution enclosures and our revolutionary Solarflex prewired conduit solution we are the leading supplier of compliant products, leading the charge in a dynamic industry.

Discover our range of solar accessories today

When it comes to all things BOS, we have everything your solar install might need. Whether you’re looking for reliable cable management or an excellent selection of advisory and identification products, PV Connections will get the perfect solution straight to you.

Our fast delivery service can accommodate urgent delivery times Australia-wide, so your products arrive on time and in tip-top shape for your next install. And with free delivery for orders over $500, you can get the parts you need in a fast and cost-efficient manner. Explore the PV Connections range of quality innovative BOS Components today, for reliable solar accessories and a quality installation.

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