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From idea to reality

Our founders, James and Rick, were nowhere near the concept of solar energy. Instead, they were making a name in industrial electricity.

In 2009, they were requested to supply DC breakers and 4-pole enclosures for a project which started with the abrupt introduction of solar. After delving deeper into these products, they realised the primary use was for the solar industry. With a booming market continuously growing, they began supplying MC3 connectors, cables, and other BOS products. The rest is history.

PV Connections Australia

Growth and progress

Diving head-first into this untapped, lucrative market, James and Rick capitalised on this huge opportunity as the volume of requests for products increased. Without even knowing it, they successfully went through what was known as the solar coaster, a whirlwind of industry ups and downs. As a result, PV Connections was born with a focus on delivering safe systems with quality products.

Determining what they wanted to do and how they wanted to make an impact in the industry led to their mission statement:

Making installs safer, faster and easier through quality and innovation.

Our Mission Statement, Founders, James & Rick

Keeping our commitment through the years

At PV Connections, we’re proud of our growth, transformation, and commitment to ourselves and the local community. In 2014, the standards changed, requiring the use of HD conduits. We launched the Solarflex pre-wired conduit to assist customers in meeting the new regulations. This product has fulfilled our mission as we provide faster, safer, high-quality installations that save time.

PV connections use the solar conduit Australia inverter and battery standards 5033, 4777, and 5139 as its base and our product quality barometer. We take pride in our commitment to excellence with copies of standards highlighted and open in our workstations, along with dog-eared pages and sticky notes. Our goal is to provide the best and most compliant products in our industry, where patrons are confident in buying conduit online.

In 2017, operations continued expanding and we invested in laser engravers to manufacture custom label kits. This ensured continued compliance. Our personalisation service followed, allowing quality-focused installers to have their contact details on shutdown procedures.


PV Connections Solarflex Products

Quality isn’t just a word, it’s a movement

At PV Connections, we place a high value on the quality of our suppliers and products. 2020 brought new decisions to the forefront, where we resorted to the in-house production of our Solarflex product. With the pandemic running rampant and our European supplier unable to deliver, creating our own was the only option available. Although it was a decision made of necessity, we’ve successfully manufactured over 10,000 rolls and helped support the local economy by creating new jobs and patronising local suppliers.

It has been challenging and rewarding to have quality as our primary focus in this industry. From the highs to the lows, rebates, and schemes, we’ve gone through everything with our heads held high. These experiences helped solidify our commitment to our customers to install with confidence. We already have the reputation of “doing something different,” and it shows in everything we do.

We’re powered differently

It's easy to follow the status quo and play it safe, but from our humble beginnings, we've been right there pushing the envelope into something bigger and better.

We strive to bring the best products and services to our customers with every order, every conversation, and interaction. We specialise in providing high-quality solutions in solar panel wiring conduit, solar panel conduit, flexible wire conduit, outdoor electrical wires conduit, a conduit to cover wires, corrugated solar conduit, and corrugated conduit.

These core connecting parts between inverters and panels are instrumental in installation speed and are vital to the safety and reliability of finished systems. We are diligent in the curation and sourcing of products to supply the safest, high-quality parts powering today’s solar systems.

In Australia’s solar industry, our niche focus is unique and cutting-edge. From the very beginning, we’ve been setting the standard every step of the way. By educating our customers, sharing knowledge, and developing new innovations, we meet and exceed the needs of the industry.

Meet the Team

James Arkcoll - General Manager
James Arkcoll

General Manager

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Rick Arkcoll -Sales Manager
Rick Arkcoll

Sales Manager

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Richard Eade - National Business Development Manager
Richard Eade

National Business Development Manager

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Brigette Plaisted
Brigette Plaisted

Finance Manager

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Sarah Harvey - Marketing Manager
Sarah Harvey

Social Media / Marketing Manager

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From our clients

Gippsland Solar

Gippsland Solar has grown to become one of the most successful solar companies in the country. We have been working with PV Connections for the last 4 years of which has been a mutual and strong working relationship. Their willingness to grow with their customers needs and demands has been refreshing to say the least and it is working with excellent suppliers like PV Connections which has allowed Gippsland Solar to grow successfully with confidence. The team has always been friendly and has accommodated all of our needs in a professional and quick manner. Gippsland Solar will continue to work and grow with PV Connections hopefully for many years to come.


Amazing customer Service + Quality Products. James is extremely knowledgeable which makes dealing with PV connections a breeze. Always going that extra mile for the customer. Highly recommend

JPG Electrical

Great products. Great to deal with. Always come to the party and create new products that make life easier for us installers. If you don’t know about these guys yet you have to check them out.

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