Video Solar Insights

Dual String Wiring | Solarflex

Learn from James as he explains how to get the most out of our Solarflex product by detailing a couple of different ways to run the dual string wiring. Method 1: In this method we run a 2×2 + E from one array across to the other array. Then we run a 4×4 + E … Continued

What is Solarflex?

James takes you through why we innovated Solarflex, what it is, the range, the details and most importantly; why it’s safer, easier and faster to use on site. What is Solarflex? ‘Solarflex is a solar corrugated conduit with all the cables preloaded inside. It’s a 25mm HD UV resistant solar corry and the cables are … Continued

WATCH: Why Should I Switch to Solarflex? | FAQ Friday

“Why Should I Make the Switch to Solarflex?” 🤔 Sound familiar? 👀 In this weeks FAQ Friday, Rick covers 3 benefits of using Solarflex and how it can improve your installs and work load. WITH SOLARFLEX, THE HARD WORK’S ALREADY DONE Solarflex is manufactured by us at our facility in Australia. It is a solution … Continued

WATCH: Is Solarflex Compliant? | FAQ Friday

Is pre-wired conduit, Solarflex compliant and safe to use? Watch to see how our time saving pre-wired conduit is compliant to all related rules and regulations, and why you can install with confidence. Start saving time now ➡️… Our revolutionary pre-wired conduit, Solarflex, is the ultimate solution to time wastage on solar installs. Solarflex … Continued

WATCH: Does Solarflex have waste? | FAQ Friday

A little question that may be holding you back from making the switch… “Is there waste with Solarflex?” Like always, check out James go in detail (but not too much detail) about how to combat this regularly asked question, and how you can turn off cuts into something useful. WITH SOLARFLEX, THE HARD WORK’S ALREADY … Continued

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