Video Solar Insights

Solarflex is now rated for Underground use!

With new certification arriving, we are pleased to announce that Solarflex is now rated for Underground use! Listen to James explain the standards in the video above. Taking into consideration the AD Rating and the IEC Rating, we are of the conclusion that if the cable is rated to IEC62930 and to either AD7 or … Continued

Troy Andreazza x PV Connections

Listen to James and Troy from Andreazza Electrical and Solar talk about the benefits of Solarflex and why Troy deems it ‘a great product’. He even says, if we didn’t have Solarflex, ‘I don’t think we would be doing solar anymore, because we wouldn’t have guys installing rigid conduit’ Save time and avoid waste with … Continued

Pat Southwell x PV Connections

Join our chat with Pat Southwell from Southwell Solar Inspections as we discuss compliance in labelling and get all the tips and tricks from an LEI, Pat himself. Pat– ‘First thing I always look for is the PV site information label. It’s usually the first thing you see, other than the panels on the roof. … Continued

What Goes Where: Tesla Kit

In our new 4 part video series, James takes you through what labels go where on your solar installs.   The Tesla Kit The Inverter The Switchboard The Powerwall As per Australian Standards, it is essential that you put your labels in the correct place to pass inspection. Get in touch with the team if … Continued

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