Dual String Wiring | Solarflex

Learn from James as he explains how to get the most out of our Solarflex product by detailing a couple of different ways to run the dual string wiring.

Method 1: In this method we run a 2×2 + E from one array across to the other array. Then we run a 4×4 + E from that array down to the inverter.

Method 2: The Split & Tee Method. You run a 4×4 + E into your roof space about half way between the two arrays. You then strip your conduit off for the distance going to one array and then get the 2×2 + E and take it to the other array, get the earth from that array and take it through to the other array and slide conduit over that. You are effectively taking a 4×4 + E and splitting it in to a 2×2 + E so when you come down your wall cavity you’ve still got your 4×4 + E all still in one.



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