How Important Is Your BOS?

For many installers out there you’d be familiar with the term ‘BOS’ which is the acronym for Balance Of System, the electrical and ancillary products that complete the PV system. There a number of important factors to consider when choosing BOS products and a BOS provider, below are some of the points you should think about when choosing a BOS partner.

1. Quality of Product: This is important and fairly self-explanatory but it’s one point all too frequently overlooked in the industry today. Often panels and inverters are considered the ‘important’ part of a system with many installers choosing ‘Tier 1’ equipment but have you thought about your Isolators, Identification and other products? Are they ‘Tier 1’ as well? These items are a relatively cheap part of the overall system but shouldn’t be considered as an area to cut costs.

2. Knowledge of the Supplier: How well does your BOS provider know their products? Can they assist with a critical temperature derating calculation? Which gland is suitable for a 6mm twin? How well does your provider know AS5033 and AS4777 and other standards? Product knowledge and technical support is something every provider should be able to assist with to help installers make informed and accurate decisions saving time, money and hassle.

3. Supplier Service and Support: With larger commercial systems becoming more and more popular we are seeing situations requiring specific products and time critical deliveries. Working with your BOS provider as a strategic partner in your supply chain and involving them in the delivery of the system can prove beneficial in meeting site critical situations like lead times and crane lift slots.

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