Premium Non-Wired Black Conduit 25mm

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Product Code: SFPV25/50M-NW-B

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Discover more about our premium black conduit:

  • Heavy-duty: The conduit remains durable and intact even after longer-term deployment.
  • UV-resistant: Exposed conduit areas will not degrade even after prolonged exposure to UV light.
  • 50m roll: The product is available in a 50-metre roll, so you have enough conduit to complete your project.
  • Australian-made: We can guarantee the quality and strength of our premium black conduit.

Why Is Heavy-Duty Conduit Recommended for Wired Solar Panel Installations in Roof Cavities?

When installed in roof cavities, solar panel wiring must be protected by heavy-duty conduit. This protection should continue across the entire length of the wiring, even when it leaves the roof cavity to enter the inverter or another system component.

This is because of the risk these wiring systems pose. The conduit protects firefighting teams, tradespeople, or anyone needing access to the roof cavity from a potentially lethal electric shock. It also prevents damage to the system if there is a leak in the roof or if there are rats and mice within the cavity.

How Heavy-Duty Is Our Premium Black Conduit?

Our 25mm premium black conduit product is designed specifically for solar panel installation and for other applications in which robust and durable wiring conduits are needed. The design and construction of the product meet the Australian AS5033:2021 installation standard, providing peace of mind during solar installations and any other jobs requiring heavy-duty solutions.


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