Solar Quote- Success when quoting customers

1. Be transparent with your Terms and Conditions in your Solar Quote

Ensure that the customer has a clear understanding of each stage of the installation, solar quote and how it will all play out. If you are unable to answer their questions, then it will be in their best interest to choose a different company that they can trust.

 2. Ensure that only top-quality products and services are used

Partnering with reputable suppliers and brands of solar products and accessories and installing the systems in a compliant and proper way will ensure that your business has a good industry reputation. After all, people will do their research…

3. Ensure your pricing model is reasonable in your Solar Quote

Don’t cut yourself short and undervalue your services. The customers will know that if it’s too good to be true, then it probably is. If your quote is solely competing on price this will in turn have a negative impact on the quality of the installation, along with the use of cheaper quality products and accessories, level of customer service and the warranties accompanying the system that you will install.

 4. Conduct a Physical site inspection

Conducting a thorough site inspection can communicate to a customer that you are reliable, competent and confident in completing their install successfully. Ensure that your stance is friendly and informative, there is nothing that people hate more than is a pushy salesman attitude. Make them feel comfortable and ensure that you can advise and adjust the quote based on the conditions in their property.

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