Solarflex Testimonial with Adam from Adsolar

Adam from Adsolar talks to James about the benefits of Solarflex and why he recommends it!

What benefits has Solarflex brought to your installations?
Adam– ‘Solarflex is a quality product that I’ve used for years and years and years now. You know we’re going to get high quality products every single time which is really important to us as a business that we deliver a high end product to all our customers. It’s the backbone of our business, and this obviously works right in with our business being a high quality product. It’s nice and quick to install which means we can deliver a really good price for our customers. It’s also really kind to our staff as they aren’t up in the roof for as long compared to other archaic methods’

‘If your in the roof for less time, you’ve got far less of a chance of causing issues in peoples rooves. If the guys can get in, get out, they are happier and it’s a lot less physically challenging and it means they are either up on the roof or down at the inverter or switchboards installing quality solar systems and not crawling around in a dark cold roof.

What tips or tricks do you have for someone looking to switch to Solarflex?
Adam– ‘It’s really really easy to run. We just make sure we’ve got two people running cables at a time. Even prep your cable runs to make sure you’ve got your inverter and your array mounted and you can get that in nice and constant with two people, so probably a two person job every time.

Do you run from the roof or from the inverter or is it job specific?
Adam– Job specific. We have a look at the job and what’s best for the customer and the solar installer.

What do you do with offcuts and waste?
Adam- ‘There is rarely any waste with Solarflex. You can use it between arrays, we store it for other jobs to match the right lengths etc… There is rarely any waste.’


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