The benefits of fusing and the different options- In-line or Din Mount

String fusing is designed to protect against reverse currents, ensuring that the system and it’s cabling are not damaged or ruined. They ensure optimum protection in a safe and effective manner.

With the introduction of AS5033:21 we’ve seen the mighty comeback of the humble string fuse due to fault current and earthing requirements. With some installers loving the ease of the new plug & play inline fuses, some are sticking to the traditional fuse boards for the abilities to combine strings and replace fuses as required.

We’ve put together a quick guide of the pros and cons of the In-line fusing vs. the Din Mount holders and cartridges.

In-line fusing


  • It’s safe to use. Inline fuse assemblies are made in a controlled environment so there is no fear of loose terminals and they are fully ingress protected.
  • It will save you time on site with a fast and easy install. It’s simple inline plug & play connection saves you time and labour on site

So, what are the CONS

  • The fuses aren’t replaceable inside the moulded fuse holder so the whole in-line fuse assembly needs to be replaced.
  • Cost and availability, Inline fuse assemblies can sometimes be hard to procure and can be more expensive than the readily available din-mount fuse holders.



Din Mount holders and cartridges


  • Keeps all your fuses in one spot in a board for easy O&M and installation.
  • The fuses are also accessible for replacement as required.
  • It’s cheaper than In-line fuse assemblies by 40-50%
  • Easier to parallel or combine strings.

And the CONS

  • A board needs to be built and wired which is more initial labour and time on site.
  • The ingress protection and suitable equipment needs to be considered.



Check out an install in Bendigo of the Din Mount system








In Summary- both systems are effective, and both have their place. If it’s ease of install and speed you are after then an inline fuse assembly will be your best bet. If you are looking to parallel strings or have an O&M program in place the din mount holder with its ease of access may be better suited for your installs.