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The Story of PV Connections

They say that all the best events are the ones you never see coming. Well, our story is one of them.

Back in 2009, our founders James and Rick were far away from the solar business but had been swimming awhile in the industrial electrical side of things. Their abrupt introduction to solar was when they were requested to supply DC breakers and 4 pole enclosures for a project.

The boys, after doing a bit of research, found that they were primarily used in the solar industry, which led them to consider supplying MC3 connectors, (yep, we remember those old things) cable and other BOS products, to the now booming market.

As the volume of requests for these products increased, they realised they had just found a huge untapped opportunity in the market. They never knew it at the time, but they had just experienced the first whirlwind of ups and downs, soon to be known as the solar coaster.

They quickly realised the industry was here for good and set up PV Connections as its own company in 2013, with the focus on providing quality products that would make systems safer. This led to our mission statement ‘Making installs safer, faster and easier through quality and innovation’.

With the change of standards in 2014 that introduced the need for HD conduit, we launched the Solarflex pre-wired conduit to help our customers meet the new regulations. This product has fulfilled our mission statement to this day, making installations faster and safer by saving installers hours of time, getting them out of roofs faster and keeping jobs compliant.

The Australian solar, inverter and battery standards, particularly 5033, 4777 and 5139 are documents that PV lives by. Copies are always open on our desks with highlighted clauses, sticky notes and dog-eared pages. We rely on them as our backbone of product quality, so that we can provide the best and most compliant products in the industry.

This commitment led us to investing in our own laser engravers in 2017 to manufacture all our label kits in house. This helped us keep our kits compliant and start our personalisation service allowing quality-focused installers to have their contact details on their shutdown procedures.

With our insistence on quality of product and supply, we made the decision in early 2020 to start manufacturing our Solarflex product in-house, and with our European supplier cut off by the pandemic we didn’t really have an option. Since we made this decision, we’ve manufactured over 10,000 rolls right here and have been able to support the local economy by creating jobs and supporting local suppliers.

Being quality-focused rather than price-focused in this industry has been challenging, but at the same time very rewarding.We’ve ridden the highs and lows, the rebates and schemes, seen the ins and outs, and it’s only further cemented our commitment to help our customers ‘install with confidence’.

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