WATCH: Australian Made chat with Adam from Adsolar

What does Australian Made mean to you? What Australian Made products do you use? | We chat to Adam from Ad Solar during Australian Made week and what it means to him as a solar installer.

Why is Australian Made important to you?
Adam– ‘The most important thing about Australian Made products is Australian jobs. Quality is really really important to good quality businesses. We can’t get a much higher guarantee with Australian Made products and better support. Most importantly we get Australian jobs for Australian mums and dads and our kids coming through. We get the opportunity to train them with some fantastic manufacturing and we give them a career in great industries like ours’

What Australian Made products do you use?
Adam– ‘We use as many Australian Made products as we can. Obviously you guys have a pretty big Australian Made flavour with Solarflex, Labels and Dektites. All of our Balance of System materials come from a fantastic Australian Made business in PV Connections- full of great people and like all our Australian manufacturers especially in our industry. For all our off grid and large hybrid systems we use the Australian Made PowerPlus and our go to for all our off grid and commercial hybrid jobs is our Selectronic SP Pro. We’ve also got catchpower for all our solar diverter and some of our hot water projects, amongst other great Australian products.’

Do Australian Made products set you apart?
Adam– ‘Absolutely. A few reasons, quality is everything. Everything we invest in something we want to make sure we get a good return on investment and we get really good service out of what that product is. If we support Australian Made we tend to find that in all of our products. So Australian Made has helped our business massively because it ensures that all our products we put in meet the high quality in terms of our business and what our consumers deserve.’

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