WATCH: GRP Assembly Video

GRP Assembly Video | Rick takes you through the process of assembling a Chassis system and mounting it inside a GRP Enclosure.

Step 1: The Chassis System

  • The first step is to assemble the Chassis system
  • Firstly you get your two mounting brackets, then you get your DIN rail and set it up on the locating pins
  • You do up the four screws and that is your first Din rail assembled. You assemble all your Din rails first.
  • Once you’ve assembled your Din rails, you then put the square nuts into the two ends for mounting into the uprights.
  • Once you’ve assembled your Din rails, you then start assembling the Chassis system. The mounting bracket slots into the groove and you’ll be able to see the hole on the other side. You then get a bolt and screw it in finger tight and then adjust it to the depth you need and tighten it accordingly. You then do the other side and then repeat for remaining Din rails. It’s often easier to do one complete side first.
  • Now the whole Chassis is complete and ready to be installed in the enclosure.

Step 2: The Enclosure

  • The first thing you need to do is mount these mounting blocks inside the board. You get the gold brass inserts and push them into the point on the side, depending on the depth of your switches. Push them in nice and hard so they are flush.
  • Then you get the mounting block and the slot goes into the groove.
  • Screw it in until it’s finger tight and then use a drill
  • After you have completed all four, it’s ready to mount the Chassis on. You get your Chassis and drop it in and it’ll fit perfectly in place.
  • You then put the four plastic flat head screws in and lock the Chassis in.

You then have a complete chassis mounted inside the board, ready to go.

  • The next step is to mount the face plates. There is the option of either a blank face plate or an open face plate. They are very easy to mount- screw each corner in which needs to be turned to lock in. You can get a range of different blanking plates.

That is the board complete.

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