What Goes Where: Switch Kit

In our new 4 part video series, James takes you through what labels go where on your solar installs.


The Switch Kit

The Inverter

  • The Shutdown Procedure Label- To be placed on the inverter near the equipment that needs to be operated
  • The Shutdown Procedure Warning Label- Located directly below or above the shutdown procedure
  • Multiple DC Sources Label- To be placed on the inverter
  • Inverter A.C. Isolator- Goes on the AC Isolator beside the inverter
  • PV Array D.C Isolator- To be placed on the Load Break Switch at the inverter and also for isolators on the roof without labelling

The Switchboard

  • SW Label- on the outside of the Switchboard
  • Warning This Premises Label- only in Victoria. To be placed on the outside of the Switchboard to which the inverter is connected.
  • Warning Multiple Supplies Label- inside the Switchboard
  • Inverter Location Label- inside the Switchboard
  • Main Switch Inverter Supply/ Main Switch Grid Supply- inside the Switchboard
  • Off Peak Main Switch/ Hot Water Main Switch- for state requirements such as NSW
  • Warning Hazardous D.C Voltage Label- to be placed on any junction box in the system

As per Australian Standards, it is essential that you put your labels in the correct place to pass inspection. Get in touch with the team if you have any questions- sales@pvconnections.com.au; 1300 818 419.

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