What is Solarflex?

James takes you through why we innovated Solarflex, what it is, the range, the details and most importantly; why it’s safer, easier and faster to use on site.

What is Solarflex?
‘Solarflex is a solar corrugated conduit with all the cables preloaded inside. It’s a 25mm HD UV resistant solar corry and the cables are already loaded inside it for ease of use on site.’

Why we invented Solarflex?
‘Solarflex was invented back in 2014 in answer to the standards change of AS5033 that all solar cable needed to be in heavy duty conduit when inside a roof space or in a wall cavity. We developed Solarflex with a number of installers and bought the product to market making it a lot easier, safer and faster for installers all around the country’

Faster– ‘The hard works already done. All the cable is already loaded into the conduit, you don’t have to worry about snaking it, pulling it through, bends and elbows etc…’

Easier– ‘Again, the hard works already done. Your not mucking around with drums of twin and earth, an aframe, pulling them off, one gets jammed- you don’t even have to bring that stuff to site anymore. You have no aframe on site, no rolls of corry, no sticks of rigid. All you’ve got is your pre-loaded, pre-done rolls of Solarflex. It makes your life a lot easier both on site, in the roof space and back at the factory’

Safer– ‘It gets you out of the roof space faster. You are no longer in there pulling cables, worrying about elbows etc… Your in there, you run it through, you saddle it and your out. There is less chance of overheating or damaging a customers roof space’


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