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Australian Beaches -Top 10 List

Top 10 Australian Beaches that Everyone Needs to Visit


Australian beaches are truly remarkable and we are so proud of them. Many of us visited Australian beaches. There is no country like Australia when it comes to our living standards, and our multicultural values. We love relaxing at one of the beautiful Australian beaches during the summer holidays. 2020 was exceptionally difficult for many families and businesses. So it is fair to assume that now in 2021 it is more important than ever to escape the noise of the city life.  And as a result , to unwind on one of the astonishing beaches that Australian nature has to offer.  

 PV Connections team are big believers in keeping a golden balance between doing what we love. While also staying close to those we love and care about during these difficult and testing times. There are many amazing beaches to visit, however here we will list the top ten beaches in Australia . Therefore, you can visit these during your summer holidays, if the government restrictions allow for it… 

Australian beaches

1.Whitehaven Beach, QLD  


When we talk about the best beaches in Australia and globally, this beautiful beach in Queensland would make the final cutWhitehaven beach was voted as the most Eco-friendly beach and is regarded as having one of the cleanest shores in the world.

The water shades, varying from turquoise, green and blue, accompanied with the snowy-coloured sand, give the beach a unique and magnificent look; a unique sight to see and experience on your next trip.  

 2. Burleigh Beach, QLD 


“The walkway from Burleigh Heads along to the northern end of the beach is a great early morning venture, a fantastic location and great site for photographs.” Just one of the many reflections of people who get to experience the joys of visiting this prestige locationWhether it is surfing, swimming, or relaxing in one of the local cafes.  As a result, the possibilities to fill your time with activities, or simply to relax and do nothing, are endless… Moreover, as one of Gold Coast’s top tourist destinations and Australian beaches, it comes with a big bonus for those who enjoy nature, a national park that is home to many wildlife and native Australian animals. 

3. Lizard Island, QLD 


Lizard Island is a perfect destination for those seeking a bit of isolation and calmness. Above all, you can enjoy fishing, snorkelling, and diving. 

One important thing to note is that Lizard Island still is primarily an adult’s-only island. Therefore, children (six and over) are allowed only during school holidays and kids 10 years and older at other times.  

4. Noosa Main Beach, QLD


Noosa main beach is known for its clean and pristine water and sparkling sand that families and tourists can feast their eyes on. The beach can get crowded in the summer months. However, it is its charm that makes all the resorts, storefronts, and restaurants part of the experience you will have in Noosa. Therefore, you can easily make a day of shopping, site-seeing, and relaxing at the beach. All as a result to everything being so close in Noosa. 

Australian beaches

5. Sorrento Back Beach, VIC 


Sorrento Back Beach is amongst top ten Australian beaches. The spectacular amphitheater-like setting of Sorrento Back Beach is the perfect summer escape. The coastline views and its stark contrast to the calm and serene pet and kid friendly front Sorento beach will shoo away the boredom and make you feel happy to be alive! 

The crashing of the waves against a more daring coastline with a more wild and preserved nature is truly invigorating for those who are more adventurous at heart.  

6. Mandalay Beach, WA 

Mandalay Beach lies several hundred kilometers to the south of capital city Perth amongst the vegetation of the Walpole-Nornalup National Park. It gets its name from the Norwegian ship Mandalay wrecked there in 1911. Mandalay Beach is popular with anglers.  Moreover, it can be entered from 2 points posing slight challenges to how accessible it is, which only adds to its secluded charm. If you are looking for one of the most unique beach experiences in Australia, it is well worth it.  Above all, Mandalay beach allows its visitors to experience the exhilarating Southern Ocean from one of its most beautiful locations. 

7. Cable Beach, WA 


Located around the surrounding area of Broome in Western Australia, Cable beach has a 22 km (about twice the cruising altitude of a commercial jet) coastline connected to the Indian ocean.

The name comes from a popular telegraph cable laid between Java and Broome in 1889. Apart from offering beautiful views amongst other usual tourist’s activities, Broome beach is one of just a few beaches in the world that hosts Polo games. 

Australian beaches

8. Main Beach at Byron Bay, NSW 


Located in a world-famous Byron Bay and being found from the town centre, Main Beach is also home to one of the oldest surfs and beach safety organisations in Australia: Byron Bay Surf Life Saving Club (SLSC), which was set up in 1907. 

9. Bondi Beach, NSW 


Bondi Beach is the best-known stretch of coastline in Sydney City. Set just 7km from the centre of town, it supplies the perfect escape from the bustling crowds. Therefore, you can kick back and relax on golden sands and soak up the laid-back atmosphere. 

Bondi Beach is an excellent spot for fishing, surfing, swimming, and bird watching. The spectacular sunset at the Bondi beach is spectacular. You can sit and watch the sun go down on the grassy verge, which also makes for an amazing picnic spot. 

10. Wineglass Bay, TAS 


Three-hour drive from Hobart will take you to one of the most astonishing Australian beaches known as Wineglass Bay. This beach is surrounded by high cliffs entertaining for stunning views and exciting discoveries. Adventurous travellers can choose to go on a stimulating hike.  Additionally, they can choose getting busy with fishing, scuba diving, beach walking, and rock climbing. 

 We hope you received a lot of valuable information from our blog that can help you when choosing your next family getaway. The whole team at PV Connections is hoping you enjoy your well-deserved holiday, and we are eagerly looking forward to partnering with you in 2021. Until then, stay safe and most importantly stay connected.  

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